Curb Appeal Guide

The top ways to vastly improve your curb appeal

  1. Revive your exterior:  

    No more dirty, faded, stained exteriors.  be sure to clean your stucco, brick or other masonry exteriors, then spruce it up with a fresh coating of color from GPS.

  2. Liven up the driveway:

    If your driveway is stained, cracked or sprouting weeds, be sure to freshen it up by cleaning, repairing, weeding, and coating it.

  3. Clean your windows:

    Be sure to clean your windows each spring, and don’t let crooked or bent indoor shades or curtains detract from your outdoor beauty.

  4. Upgrade garage doors:

    Garage doors can account for up to 50% of your home’s facade.  Upgrade with new, clean decorative garage doors.

  5. Transform your front door:

    Architectural style and interesting details like decorative glass can transform a basic front door into a grand entrance.

  6. Clean and repair cutters:

    Gutters with peeling paint, rust spots, dents or damage can convey a sense of neglect.  Clean or replace all gutters and downspouts.

  7. Add color with container garden:

    Container gardens are a quick and affordable way to add color and a warm welcome :-)

  8. Repair roofs and match to siding:

    An old, peeling roof can be unsightly.  Repair or replace your roof and be sure the color coordinates with your siding.

  9. Create depth with landscaping:

    Plant flowers, trees and shrubs that complement the shape of your home.  Be sure to add varying degrees of color, height and shape.

  10. Architectural details:

    Add visual interest with complementing architectural details such as lighting, mailboxes, and updated hardware.