Residential | Why A Green Power System

To us, the true value of our solution is in the electricity it generates for you each and every month!


Since 2001, our Green Power Systems (GPS) have proven their superior energy performance in independent test, inspections, and field trials. Our ten year performance warranty and our manufacturer’s twenty-five year linear product warranty’s provide additional assurance. Choosing GPS isn’t just a quality purchase; it’s a sound investment.

We believe we are helping to rewrite the rule book by providing you with:

  • Custom turn-key design and engineering
  • All government rebate and incentive paperwork
  • Live web-accessible system monitoring
  • Cutting edge financing options
  • Warranties for everything that we do


Our mission is to bring solar to the mainstream, anywhere it is needed. We are committed to making solar more affordable, accessible and reliable than ever before. This is not a long-term goal, but an everyday commitment that drives our business. We manufacture high-performing modules and provide excellent service to our customers while adhering to the highest standards of business ethics.   GPS’s impressive rapid growth has been recognized by leading businesses and publications, as well as by customers  who trust our products, our services, and our people to provide high-quality solar panels, backed by a strong company.


Quality and Innovation

Our products quality rests on the manufacturer’s ability to adapt to any environment and to resist any kind of stress. These factors determine the reliability of a solar electric panel and influence the amount of electricity a panel generates over its lifetime.

At GPS, we have developed our own field proven inspection and testing, where we monitor, inspect, and verify the production of our installed systems to guarantee their performance. These tests include environmental tests, product certification processes and material reliability tests, as well as tests on materials and components to understand how they change over time. These tests allow us to confidently offer our industry-leading warranty on all of our panels.


A Sound Investment

Protect yourself from inevitable utility rate hikes.  Electricity rates historically rise between 6.5% percent annually— and your electricity rates could double in ten years.  The sun, however, never sends you a bill. That means ten years from now, the solar energy you are collecting at your own home will still be free, while the cost of electricity from your utility will have most likely doubled in price.

Incentives offset your initial cost  In addition, you can take advantage of federal and state incentives to help offset the initial investment, greatly lowering the out of pocket cost of a solar electric system for your home. The available federal income tax credit alone can offset 30% of the system costs and many states offer additional incentives.

Add value to your property  And don’t forget that a solar installation can boost the resale value of your home by up to 20 times the annual energy savings from the system. This means an added bonus to differentiate your property in any kind of real estate market.

Secure your investment  With little to no risk associated with solar your green power system is not subject to the whims of the financial markets and is as secure as the foundation of your property.