100% Zero Down Financing

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations EVCS are the most effective and highly visible ways to prove your commitment to sustainability.  As adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) grows, there is a greater demand for workplace, destination, public, and commercial EVCS. Although many regions have made great strides in facilitating the adoption of vehicles and infrastructure, more work is necessary.

The goal of our EVCS Financing Programs are to expand the number of electric vehicle charging stations installed. The programs funded provides for electric vehicle charging station equipment acquisition and installation.

Who Benefits

 Borrowers may be eligible for a ZERO down 100% financed custom turnkey system.

 EV Practitioners can access capital to accelerate EV infrastructure installation, increase PEV adoption and attract new customers.

 Business financial solution to accelerate implementation of EV readiness plans, help small businesses acquire capital for EV infrastructure, and assist their communities or constituents in complying with local air quality and transportation policy goals.

What’s Eligible?

 Costs of installation and acquisition of electric vehicle infrastructure, design and development costs, operation and maintenance costs, as well as hardware and software costs necessary to operate the charger.

 Almost any corporation, partnership, cooperative or other entity with 1,000 or less employees.

 Enrolled loans are insured for up to 60 months and are limited to $500,000 per borrower.

How it Works

 Businesses reach out to participating lenders for charging station financing.

 Our internal investor stakeholders contribute the loan amount greater any available financial incentives.

 After loan repayment typically the equipment enters a FMV and/or $1 buyout option