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Call us today for a free no obligation estimate & we’ll REDUCE or ELIMINATE your electric bill in 5 easy steps:

1) Assessment (electric usage patterns & roof availability)
2) Inspections (onsite electrical, structural, sun and shading analysis)
3) Design (engineering, permits, photos, drawings, planning)
4) Install (full custom turnkey craftsmanship and municipality sign-off)
5) Activate (commission, maintenance, inspections, and internet monitoring to see exact real time performance.

Allow us to crunch the number for you to the penny and to the bolt

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CalcEver wonder what size a solar panel system you need or how much one costs? Use our solar power calculator to estimate the cost and size of a solar energy project in your area.
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Solar Energy Solutions That Fuel Change

GPS is dedicated to energy independence and the reversal of global warming.  Established in 2001, we have evolved into a leading solar expert in the Southwestern United States and have built a reputation for our exceptional quality of knowledge base and service.

We specialize in sales, design, engineering, project management, monitoring and maintenance of custom solar-electric systems. The key strengths of GPS are our highly qualified engineers, construction managers, and teams composed of highly qualified journeyman-level contractor electricians and roofers.


Without Sacrificing your Home’s Appearance:

  1. Reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  2. Protect yourself from rising electric costs
  3. Get rebates and tax credits right now
  4. Add significant value to your property
  5. Produce your own pollution free electricity

Federal tax credits have increased to 30%. Combined with State Rebates of approximately 10%, you can save nearly half the cost of home solar systems.  Solar Power for Homes Has Never Been Easier!

No matter what your energy needs, powering your home with solar is a better, brighter option. In the face of volatile electricity rates and an unpredictable market for traditional energy sources, you can’t afford not to switch to a home solar system.


Choose Solar over Utility Price hikes:

  • Strongest, toughest materials available
  • Fast, easy, quite, and clean
  • 25 Year Warranty (40-year expected life)


Let our NABCEP Certified teams configure the perfect system for your home. We offer a complete suite of solar services that will help make your transition to a clean, renewable solar power home effort-less.



With today’s system incentives and flexible financing options, going solar with your home has never been easier.

  1. 5-20% of the cost of your system with cash rebates
  2. 30% Federal tax credit
  3. Increase the value of your property by $20,000 for every $1,000 saved on your electricity bills

With state and federal solar incentives, you can save up to 40% off the cost of your solar system!

Take advantage of the benefits of solar energy for your home today. With a solar energy (photovoltaic) systems from Green Power Systems you can make a positive environmental impact, reduce or eliminate your electric bill, and gain energy independence.


100% Customer Satisfaction

We keep the process simple for you and work to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your experience. Our company charter is to provide you local, personalized service for the life of your system. At Green Power Systems the customer experience is much more than a concept – It’s how we approach every aspect of our business. At Green Power Systems we bring an added sense of commitment and professionalism to every project.


The Most Experience

Green Power Systems has completed hundreds of solar electric systems and are experts in local rebates, permitting requirements, and design challenges. As a leading solar electric provider in Southern California, our company is committed to the very values that inspired us from the start: integrity, respect, honesty, and honoring commitments. We walk our talk. Not only are we passionate about what we do, we work thoughtfully, efficiently, and creatively.


Why solar is a smart investment

Solar power has proven to be a very smart move these days. Having a solar electric system to meet your electric needs can be considered one of the safest investments home or business owners can make.

  1. Why rent your electricity, when you can own and $ave. You could reduce or eliminate your monthly electric costs with solar panels, and earn credits from the utility for your excess power.
  2. Solar electric panels add value. Adding an alternative energy solution will increases the resale value of your property and lasts at least 30 to 40 years.
  3. End price manipulation. Decrease the use of foreign oil and minimize utility company price increases.
  4. Existing financial incentives. Federal, state and local tax credits may be available for your solar electric solution.
  5. Help save the planet. No pollution or harmful emissions. Use your house to save the environment. The typical home produces 350 tons of greenhouse gases over 25 years. You can make a difference!
  6. Future generations. When our children look back on the world their parents left them … will they say, “Thank You”.

A while back, in the early 70’s, along the early days of energy crisis, solar power was viewed as a viable – but expensive – alternative. Back then it was actually called “Alternative Energy”. Due to technology advancements these days, manufacturing efficient solar panels has become more affordable and the price dropped from about $200/Watt to less than $10/W over the past 35 years.

At these prices, combined with the governmental incentives in place, a solar PV system is affordable to almost every home owner.

What’s the long term scenario? Over 70% of the conventional electricity these days is primarily generated by burning up coal or natural gas. Due to the limitation in fossil resources and the increase in fuel prices, the price of electricity has increased dramatically during the past five years. It is expected for the price of electricity to jump at unexpected heights within a few short years, making the ROI on a solar system as high as 16%.

It’s like buying your electricity upfront for the next 30-40 years, and paying only 8-10 years!

In fact, by going solar, all you have to do is switch the recipient of your checks: instead of paying the electric company, and never seen a return on your investment, change the name on the check, from your utility to your own line of credit. Simple, Smart and Tax Deductible!


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