EV Charging “Switchable Network Guarantee”

Green Power Systems will guarantee and ensure customers avoid network lock-in and the possibility of stranded EV charging station assets

Our Electric Vehicle (EV) charge station networks provide management tools to operate chargers, including uptime monitoring, access and pricing management, reporting, and more.

Our Switchable Network Guarantee eliminates current market confusion caused by some EV charging companies’ claims that their network is “open” – when, in reality, they do not allow their customers the ability to switch network providers when their service contract expires. Green Power Systems guarantee further reinforces our commitment to utilizing open EV charging technology standards known as Open Protocol (OP) or the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

We offer you charge station “Utilization Maximization Tools” to give your drivers the ability to efficiently utilize EV charging stations.  Your EV drivers will be more productive or be better customers if they don’t have to waste time creating EV driver email lists, writing nasty notes on windshields, or running out to check if a charge station is available.

We guarantee you the flexibility to switch network providers when your service contract expires, thereby reducing owner’s concerns regarding stranded assets, while at the same time ensuring that the facilities will always have access to the best and most cost-effective EV charging software and management services in the world,”

We will continue to provide the world’s most flexible electric vehicle (EV) charging network and cloud-based management, integration, and application platforms. This flexibility ensures that commercial and governmental customers get the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the highest Return on Investment (ROI) from their EV charging investment. The company is also a complete one-stop shop for EV charging solutions, including procurement, project management, installation, ongoing management services, 24/7 driver support, and maintenance.

Flexibility Leads to Higher ROI

Our charge station network operates in a cloud-based platform that, among other things, allows us to integrate our customers’ EV charging driver and usage data with their enterprise software systems, such as building and parking management systems, HR software, or other in-house enterprise applications.

One of the benefits is to allow our customers the flexibility to define how payments are accepted if the customer wants to charge drivers for their charging sessions.  Rather than offering only one way of accepting payments, cloud based resources allow customers the choice of accepting PayPal (with its lower service fees), Google Wallet, Visa, and other credit cards, as well as having the option of using a customer’s own merchant gateway.

When it comes to your charge station hardware purchases, any EV charger manufacturer can tell you they make it easy to add additional charge stations to meet a customer’s growing EV driver demand.  But we can add any chargers that use truly open communications protocols to communicate to an EV charging network.  Having the flexibility to get the best and latest charge station hardware at the best price, regardless of the manufacturer, is a great way to increase ROI and decrease total cost of ownership (TCO).