Solar Hot Water | Solar Collector

Solar flat plate collectors are the heart of any solar hot water system. The collector is what absorbs and stores the sun’s energy. The collector’s performance plays a vital role in the overall efficiency of your solar hot water system.

To simplify solar panel installation and reduce costs, the market has developed complete, off-the-shelf prepackaged solar panel systems. Four types are available to choose from, depending on what your solar hot water needs might be.

The solar panel collector is what absorbs and stores the sun’s energy. Water runs through the panel and becomes solar heated in the solar panel. Low profile solar hot water panels to minimize the impact on your home’s appearance.

Over 30 years of solar hot water panel design and engineering refinement have gone into making panels a world class performer for heat output, efficiency and durability. The solar panel collector is available in several sizes, with 2 surface types to choose from (blue sputtered, and black paint), making it versatile and suitable for all types of solar water heating applications.

Although some people find having solar hot water panels on their home as not only practical but vogue, these days, we still try to keep the panel profile as thin as possible.

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