Residential Financing Options

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Renting:  Personal Lease Financing

Buyout:  Fair Market Value (FMV) Buyout is required at the end of the term.  Can be 20% or more

Transfer:  New Owner credit checks.  Lease holder determines their best financial position

Savings:  The finance company gets all available financial incentives with many of them upfront

Ownership:  Property Tax Loan

Buyout:  At the end of your loan term there are no further payments or costs

Transfer:  Property taxes transfer to the new owner per local existing tax laws

Savings:  You receive available financial incentives


Maximizing the financial benefits for homeowners, simplifying the application process, and ensuring performance guarantees.

Whether you make your home improvements with up-front cash purchase, property tax loan, or a personal lease; you will likely save money on your utility bill. However, the financial benefits of owning your system – either through property tax loan or a cash purchase – highlight the clear advantages of ownership.   Property tax loans combine the benefits of  – no down payment, energy cost savings, hassle-free maintenance and performance guarantees – with the financial upside from solar ownership.

The federal government currently provides a solar panel tax credit equal to 30% of the system cost for homeowners who buy and own their solar panel system. On an average $30,000 solar electric panel system, the government offers a $9,000 tax credit which can be carried forward if you do not use it all in the first year.  These tax incentives belong to the homeowners who purchase their system, but in a lease, third-party finance companies are the direct beneficiaries of the credits because they are the ultimate owners of the systems.

General information purposes only:  Consult a tax professional regarding your specific circumstances



Property Tax Loan vs Personal Lease Financing



Tax Loan



$0 Down Option


Savings From Day 1


Simple Application Process


System Performance Guarantee


System Warranty


Real-Time Performance Monitor


No Annual Inflation Escalators

 YES  ?

Home Value Appreciation

 YES  ?

No Prepayment Fees


Receive Federal / State Tax Credits

 YES  No

Tax Incentive Form Preparation

 YES  No

Build Equity in Your System

 YES  No

Maximize Financial Benefits

 YES  No