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  • An open software platform provides ultimate flexibility for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
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Equipment. Annual Electric Vehicle (EV) sales in 2021 reach an impressive 5.6 million and are on the verge of a consumer tipping point. Predictability, speed, and convenience make EV drivers demand chargers at frequented locations.

Installation. Complete Turnkey custom installation … When EV drivers’ complaints get loud enough, most facilities, sustainability, and HR managers look to install a couple of charge stations.  That small number of stations may temporarily ease their pain, but many will find that their EV charging infrastructure will be outdated quickly.

Management. Add our management services to your EV charging stations … Combined, our management services are designed to help our customers develop, implement, manage, and maintain a cost-effective EV charging program for their employees or EV-driving constituents.

Maintenance. We’ll Take Care of Everything … If your EV charging stations need maintenance, EV Connect will be alerted automatically, dispatch maintenance personnel, and monitor the results from our Network Operations Control application. We will monitor your charging stations around the clock as well as handling all the on-boarding, software updates and other maintenance and support tasks for you.

Enterprise. Powerful, Flexible, and Scalable our EV charging stations generate a lot of incredibly useful data, that when connected to other software systems, such as an organization’s building automation system, parking management system, HR benefits system, or a customer loyalty program, adds even more value to those systems.

If these benefits make sense to you, it’s time to make the switch. It’s your time to CHARGE FORWARD.

Why Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Our EV Charging stations are user friendly, data rich, and offer time-of-day charging. Each station can charge up to four vehicles at a time, and supports both 120V and 240V charging. Our electric vehicle charging systems feature a modular design that allows for quick, cheap, and easy upgrades. Interested in joining Green Power Systems?

Network Solutions for Your EV Sustainability Programs

EVSE’s charging networked solutions provide flexible and secure access that can be custom-tailored to your needs. Why add a new payment or access method to your charging project when you can use what is in place? Our charging station platform can utilize existing ID cards, existing parking tickets issued by parking gates.

When activated, the networked EVSE charger cable is released. When the connector is removed from the car, the cable and connector automatically retract into a compartment overhead, where they are protected from damage by vehicles, weather and vandals. This protects pedestrians from tripping accidents while meeting both ADA and OSHA regulations.

Achieve Your Maximum Return On Investment (ROI, TCO, EVA & NPV)

The conventional wisdom: “It always comes down to price.”

The reality: Customers will pay for value.”

Ways to Increase EV Charging Station ROI While Meeting Driver Demand

For reasons such as charging predictability, speed, and convenience, EV drivers are demanding that workplaces install EV chargers in their parking lots.  While many facilities and sustainability managers are diligently working toward meet the demand, they often do so without an eye towards the future.

This shortsighted view towards EV charging station deployments causes future expansion and ongoing management problems, including hardware, network software, and human resources, for the company.  It also leads to increased total costs of ownership (TCO) and lower returns on their EV charging station investment (ROI).

Rather than advising customers to  throw money at their workplace’s ever-increasing EV charge station demand, it is more cost effective to focus on trends and software solutions to help companies simultaneously meet charging demand, improve NPV, lower TCO, and increase ROI.

It’s a choice with many benefits

Complete EV Charging Station Solutions