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Residential applications that affect the way you live, cleanly powering your urban/rural home.  No job is too large or small as we focus on your specific needs, like powering and bringing electricity to your remote location or simply powering your private well water.

Solar roofs for individual homes as well as entire housing developments are becoming a common feature of the urban landscape producing power as a building component.  Most houses have sufficient roof space for a system to generate most, if not all, of the electrical power needed to satisfy their annual requirements.


Your Green Power System increases the performance and reliability of your solar energy system, while also improving aesthetics and enabling flexibility in design.

A Green Power System includes powerful web-based monitoring, so you have complete transparency into the health and performance of each part of your solar system, at no additional cost.


Maximize Roof Space & Performance

Green Power Systems use highly efficient electronics to maximize the performance of each and every square foot of your solar rooftop.

  • Flexible system sizing and placement
  • Expandable systems
  • Precise power harvesting for each solar module
  • More power in low-light conditions


Complete Assurance & Protection

Green Power Systems demonstrate the highest field reliability of any solar inverter, and they have the warranty to back it.

  • 100% up-time guarantee
  • Industry-leading 25-year warranty
  • Continuous performance monitoring through internet connected equipment


Smarter Solar

Every solar panel is monitored and managed on the web.

  • Web-based monitoring service
  • Integrates with external thermostats
  • Automated email notification of issues
  • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting