Insurance For Solar System

Community Solar Panel Program


All of our equipment is local municipality permit signed-off in accordance with all state contractor’s licensing industry requirements. The standard for the solar industry is CSA/US C22.2 No.107.1-01 and UL 1741. These certificates ensure that the equipment meets all electrical testing requirements and any anti-islanding laws.  Furthermore, our manufacturers abide by the ISO 9001’s quality control processes. This means that their manufacturing practices are carried out under internationally- recognized quality control processes. All equipment is also manufactured in environmentally sustainable manners as it is further certified with the ISO 14001 Certification.

On-site insurance combines insurance for all risks, operational interruption, reduced yield and construction coverage, thus giving the maximum security for the system operator’s investment. Typical risks such as fire, storm, theft and over-voltage are covered by the all-risks insurance, for example. If the solar array fails to feed into the grid due to property damage, the operational interruption insurance covers the loss caused by lack of electricity feed-in revenues during this period.


No complicated formalities

No complicated insurance forms, and no laborious application procedures. The property owner is the policy holder; the CSP customer is further insured by a power purchase agreement. This saves you the inconvenience of conducting complicated research and negotiations in advance. Covers unforeseeable property damage and insured objects lost through theft, burglary or looting. In particular, the insurance covers damage caused by:

  • Operating errors, ineptitude or willful intent by third parties
  • Short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage
  • Failure of measuring, control or safety equipment
  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion
  • Storms, hail, frost, ice drift, flooding or snow load
  • Animal bite


Compensation in case of damage

In cases of partial loss, the necessary repair costs are covered, with replacement costs covered in cases of full loss (replacement value compensation). The following costs are also covered without contribution

  • Clean-up and disposal costs
  • Movement and protection costs
  • Provision of an interim solution, air freight, demolition costs
  • And costs for loss-related repair works to roofs or facades


Insurance also guarantees compensation for any lost electricity feed-in revenue if the functioning of the photovoltaic system is interrupted or adversely affected by property damage or loss. The compensatory payment is available as of the first day the system fails for maximum one year.

The reduced yield insurance offers unique extended coverage. A claim can be made if the level of the predicted annual energy yield is not reached by more than 10% due to insufficient solar irradiation. In this case, the insurance covers 90% of the predicted value. The compensatory payment is limited to 50% of the predicted annual energy yield according to the yield forecast.