Home Owners’ Associations

A Community Solar Program… designed specifically for you

Your owners now have a choice to go solar without the panels being located on your property


hoa3Homeowners’ associations are naturally conservative boards designed to ensure that property values will not decrease as a result of a solar installation.  It takes a good deal of work — and regulations — to keep suburban communities looking picture perfect, and arrays of shiny solar panels don’t always fit the vision homeowners have for their neighborhoods.

Federal Legislation protects the rights of all Americans to have solar panels. The Solar Rights Act was created in 1978 (AB 3250, 1978), and it created a legal framework for solar access.  Federal and state regulations grant the HOA committee the right to dictate the size, shape, color, materials, construction and location of such equipment.

Most HOA’s Architectural Committees have Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCR’s) require aesthetic or safety restrictions that typically restrict …

  • All solar panels shall be constructed of the most currently available non-reflective materials and should minimize reflection of light into other home
  • Solar panel framing, flashing, footings and racking will be black anodized
  • All external conduit will be painted to color match its location
  • Materials used DO NOT include the white back-sheet, which encapsulates the back side of the solar panels and can be seen outlining each solar cell.  
  • Property Owners Associations can dictate the use a black back-sheet and/or state specifically the solar panel to be used for the sake of conformity.


The Problem We Solve

hoaMore than 43+ million US Households have been denied the benefits and earnings from solar electricity (Photovoltaic PV)… Until NOW !!!

We provide an HOA the best way for their homeowners to have solar without it impacting the aesthetics of their local community.

By offering an off-site solution… everyone wins.

  • Each homeowner can obtain as many solar panels as needed to reduce or eliminate their electric bill and because the solar panels are stored off-site there is not need for a review board meeting.


GPS builds, owns, and operates a diversified portfolio of income-producing local solar electric panels.

Since its founding in 2001, Green Power Systems (GPS) has designed, project managed, and maintained over 32,000+ solar electric panels on more than 522+ job-sites.  We are committed to delivering sustainable renewable energy to consumers and businesses. GPS is now offering Community Solar Program participants a guaranteed monthly payment for the life of your solar electric panels; which are expected to last at least 30-40 years (with a 25 year manufacturer warranty).  We can write you a check or we can send the payment directly to your utility company.

You now have a choice … you can have NO ELECTRIC BILL.



scfHow does the Community Solar Program work?

  • Your solar panels (along with other buyers) are combined into a larger group of panels (Community Solar Program) and then installed at a commercial business location.
  • Because the panels are on the roof of a business (not your roof specifically), you never have the cost or hassle of moving or relocating the solar panels.
  • Solar panels are insured for fire, damage, theft, and general liability; so there is no risk of loss.
  • For the life of your solar panels, GPS delivers to you a guaranteed payment by means of a monthly check, direct deposit, or sent directly to your local electric company.  Click here for additional information.
  • You are paid a guaranteed 9.87% annual return on your money for the life of the solar panels; which are expected to last at least 30-40 years (with a 25 year manufacturer warranty).  Your solar panels are a transferable, hard asset, guaranteed income stream, protected by an American National Business Trust (Single-Premium, Immediate Fixed Annuity).  Because it is transferable (at any point) you can assign the income stream to family or friends to cover their electric bill, college fund, or any account of your choosing.



  • The business owner gets the solar panel energy produced at a 20% reduction off their energy bill.
  • GPS gets paid by the business owner for the production of your solar panels through a 25 year power purchase agreement.
  • GPS maintains and monitors the solar panels over the internet; you can track your production and/or have a report emailed to you.


CLICK HERE to order your Community Solar Panels NOW


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“We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy; sun, wind and tide.  

I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.  I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

– Thomas A. Edison