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Green Power Systems / Green Nrg is a Jacksonville, Florida based company organized to develop electric generating facilities utilizing ultra high temperature plasma arc technology. The use of plasma torches has been known since the 1930ís and primarily used in metallurgy and the destruction of hazardous waste. High prices for oil and the realization that the amount of oil is limited has put focus on the conversion of organic matter into synthesis gas (syngas),which in turn can be used for the production of transportation fuels or injected into a typical combustion turbine for the production of electricity. Organic matter, which is ordinarily disposed of in landfills, can now be converted to biofuels and/or electricity. This process has many advantages over the typical combustion of fossil fuels.

In Plasma Gas Vitrification (PGV) there is no ash residue, no toxic or leachable product. Water and air quality is vastly improved in comparison to incineration of fossil fuels. Hundreds of thousands of tons of waste materials can be diverted from landfill disposal to electric generation.